National Non-experts event to be held at SBC

Friday, 25 January 2019 by

All our members below the EBU rank of Regional Master are invited to play in the Green-Pointed EBU Masters Pairs at Sheffield Bridge Club as we will be holding a heat of this event on Sunday 24 February.

The competition will be held at a number of venues across the country that day, probably twelve to fifteen venues. There will be two sessions of 24 boards of Match Pointed Pairs, starting at 1pm and finishing around 7.50pm with at least a half an hour break between sessions. We will charge £10 generally but just £9 if you pay in tokens. Tea and coffee will be free throughout but we are not providing any additional catering. Full Green Points will be awarded on a generous scale and even more so for those ranked below the level of Master as there will be an additional prize strata for such players.

Those ranked above Regional Master can play in other events in the Ranked Masters Pairs series the same weekend, but they all have to go to Peterborough for four sessions over both the Saturday and Sunday. Two years ago, we had Sandy Davies and Tom Gisborne winning the highest ranked event, the Premier Grand Masters Pairs! Several of our members have won others of these events.

Further details of the event can be seen on the EBU web site at

You will see that the nearest confirmed alternative venue is Bradford BC.

I have confirmed Sheffield BC to the EBU as a venue as we will have enough participants from Sheffield BC to make the heat worth running, and I will advertise our heat to other bridge clubs in our region.

If you might be interested in playing please could you let me know via or 01629 584567 or via a sign-up list that I will post at the club very soon.

Barrie Partridge - CTD SBC