Sheffield Bridge Club will reopen on Tuesday, 20th July 2021

Club re-opening on 20th July

Initially there will be four sessions per week. These will be on:

  • Tuesday evening @ 7:10pm
  • Wednesday afternoon @ 1:30pm (Ideal for less experienced players)
  • Wednesday evening @ 7:10pm
  • Thursday afternoon @ 1:00pm 

In line with governmental guidance there will be no formal requirement to wear face masks but players may do so if they wish.

Please ensure that you have either had both Covid-19 vaccinations or have had a negative lateral flow test before attending. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of coronavirus, or indeed, any other respiratory infection please do not attend the club until you have recovered.

Please note that windows and possibly doors will be open to improve ventilation within the building. Do bear this in mind when choosing your bridge-playing outfit.

We look forward to welcoming you back. 

Playing Bridge online

There are two main sites that players are using. Which you might prefer is mostly down to personal preference about how the screen is laid out and about how cards are displayed. 

Bridge Club Live

Bridge Club Live - is an EBU affiliated online club. You play with real people and it is UK based so plenty of Acol/weak No Trump (though all are welcome). To register, please use this link for 50 days free membership:

About 120 Sheffield BC members are now playing as members in Bridge Club Live. We are quite a community!

A regular Sheffield Bridge Club duplicate Pairs session is now available each week on Bridge Club Live starting at 2.15 on Friday afternoons. 

The room opens 15 minutes before the start of play.

Each session is of of 20 boards. Howell movements are used with rounds of mostly 2 or 3 boards each.

Results from our new regular sessions will also appear on this site (scroll down this page for direct links to recent results) and will be submitted to the EBU for P2P and NGS.

Sheffield Bridge Club charges members £1 per session table fee. Members will be invoiced from time to time. A member is able to partner a guest by prior arrangement and will be charged £2 for their guest as their table fee. Around 50 pence of the session fee goes for P2P, the rest to SBC.

Instructions for registering for BCL are on the home page of the SBC web site. To play in a session, you need to be a trial member or a full member of BCL.

To play in a session, go to the home page of the site (you can press link above), and click Members > Clubs. Then click a blue arrow or where it says “Sheffield Bridge Club” in the top left.

On the next page you need to have added your name to the list of aliases of SBC members if you haven’t done so already. From here you click where it says to enter the club and again on the next screen and you are in.

When you go in you will see at least two rooms. You arrive in the Lobby. There will also be one or more playing rooms, one of which will be prefixed “SHEFFD”.

Our room will open at 2.00pm, exactly 15 minutes before the start time of the session. It is recommended that you enter the club just before the room opens, ready for when the room does open. You will see a server message that says when the room is open. You click on the room to enter. You might have to click “Refresh” first.

Either you or your partner needs to click “Start a table” in the top left of the screen, and the other of you needs to sit opposite. The latter of you might need to click “Refresh” first. The player who starts the table will need to complete the details for a SSD (like a system card) though many of us have previously set up a SSD so we just need to click “submit” and partner needs to click “accept”. Please do not try to join a table as an opponent - it won't let you!

That’s it. The rest is all automated. Once the SSD is accepted, you will be joined up with another pair and when it gets to the starting time, the server will send a message to say we can press “Ready” and start. When it gets to the end of a round, the server will send a message telling you about the move and the server will move you. You may have to wait for the table to which you are moving to be ready and you may have to wait for opponents, just like a Howell movement at the club. Do not panic!

The movements are of 20 boards. There are no time limits per round but there is an overall time limit which well in excess of three hours, but we should finish in about two and a half hours.

Please note: We do not use robots and we do not have half tables. It means that there are no sit-outs but it also means that there is a 50-50 chance that the last pair to be ready before the start time won’t get to play. If you do miss out, there is still the option to play bridge in the main club. We currently have a stand-by pair for each session that will sit to play five minutes before play starts, so if you and your partner are ready to play before then, you are guaranteed a game.

The other important thing is the need for commitment because once we start, we need to finish. If someone gets disconnected, then either we need to get them back reasonably quickly or else we need a substitute to come in. We would be able to try phoning a friend and get them to come and fill in. If you have any problems or need a TD ruling, please phone Barrie. His number is in the book and it’s 01629 584567.

One more thing. Please don’t play too slowly. If you are slow, you hold up your whole section of the Tourney and others will be waiting. Unlike F2F, there is no bell between rounds. The next round can be started as soon as two pairs and their table are ready! If you are new to Bridge Club Live, it is recommended that you play at least a couple of sessions first in the main club to become familiar with playing online and in BCL.

No robots, no sit-outs, normal alerting but without announcements. 

Results are posted below as soon after 6.05pm as possible. The results also appear on the BCL web site at that time and there we can also look up the bidding and play at our table and every other table. Here is how to find it.

Go to BCL Home page > Members > Clubs > Sheffield

Scroll down and on the left you will see "See all results on our Bridgewebs server" and click that.

Click on the session you want to look at. Ours start "SHEFFD". You will then see a ranking list.

Click "Travellers".

On each line of each traveller, you should see the word "Play". If you don't, you will need to click one of the icons near the top left of the screen: there are five icons in a row and it is the fourth from the left ("BSOL analysis"). Hopefully you will be able to get the "play" option on each line of the traveller, and then you get to the Bridge Solver Online screen, and you can see the auction in the top right. What we then have to do is click just below the auction the contract and declarer. Then we can click the forward arrow to see the cards one by one as they were played, and what we also can see is the optimum card at any given time (but be aware that it plays "double dummy" and not necessarily the best way to actually play in practice").


Bridge Base Online

Bridge Base Online - - is the largest online bridge platform for real-time bridge.

It's a fully international site but if you're worried about playing against foreign systems then

  • The EBU run 12-board pairs events, four times every day.
  • The EBU also is running a teams competition which renews every four weeks. We have a number of players playing in various teams
  • The site has an Acol Players' Club

There is a very useful set of instructions from the EBU at and there's also some great introductory videos from Australian international Pete Holland on YouTube: 

 to get you started.

Statements from the EBU

The EBU has recently issued several statements. See the EBU website for details.



New to bridge and want to know what it's all about?

Never played before but want to learn?

  • Here is some general information about our classes for beginners & improvers.

Want to come and play?


Upcoming SBC Events

Click the links tabs to see details of special events. 

Monthly Masterclass

Dominic is running a series of monthly Masterclasses.

These occur on the last Thursday of the month. Start time 10am prompt, finish time appx 12.30 (so not to clash with the afternoon session folks coming in). £10 per session.

Intended for anyone with NGS in the 50's or high 40's - or anyone who wants to win at bridge!


Please note that all events are postponed until further notice


Upcoming National & County Events

 Please note that all events are postponed until further notice



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