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  • Peter Stubbs - Funeral arrangements

    Further to a recent announcement, we have been advised that the funeral of Peter Stubbs will take place on Monday, 16th May at 11.45am at Hutcliffe Wood crematorium and afterwards at Whirlow Brook Hall. A webcast of the funeral will be available at and the access code is 538/7917. read more...
    Saturday, 07 May 2022 by Simon Woolham
  • Yorkshire Online League 2022

    Congratulations to the Sheffield B and A teams finishing 1st and 2nd respectively in the 2022 Online Yorkshire League for Teams of Four. Our B Team: Dominic Rayner, Richard Pike and David Fletcher with Arthur Hughes and Graham Jepson (127 VP) Our A Team: Sandy Davies, Tom Gisborne, Dave Robinson and Tony Sowter (110 VP) Congratulations also to the Sheffield F Team on finishing 2nd in Division 2 and in the Promotion Zone. Our F Team: Gill Woodcock, Russ De Haney, Judy Jackson and Martyn James. The... read more...
    Wednesday, 27 April 2022 by Barrie Partridge
  • Peter Stubbs

    We have received the sad news that Peter Stubbs has passed away after a long battle with cancer. The cancer was associated with exposure to asbestos when working on a construction site some decades ago. Peter was for many years the Secretary for the Sheffield and District Contract Bridge Association, and for LOG, which in 2000 replaced the S&DCBA, retiring only very recently. For many seasons, Peter captained a team in the Open League with the name "Acolholics Anonymous". Peter also captained... read more...
    Wednesday, 20 April 2022 by Barrie Partridge
  • Hubert Phillips Plate 2019-2020

    Sandy Davies, Tom Gisborne, Richard Pike and Dave Robinson yesterday won the final of the 2019-2020 Hubert Phillips Plate, the National Mixed Pivot Teams with Aggregate scoring in what may well be the longest ever Knock-out in EBU history as the first match was played two and a half years ago. The team included Mike Pomfrey and Arthur Hughes in earlier matches. In the final, our team beat Harry, Sally, Sam and Venetia Anoyrkatis in the South of England (Sally originating in Doncaster) by 1150 Aggregate... read more...
    Tuesday, 05 April 2022 by Barrie Partridge
  • National Pairs

    Congratulations to Dave Robinson and Tony Sowter on winning the National Pairs Qualifying day while also retaining the trophy for winning the South West Regional Heat for a second year. Well done, too, to Rod Hose and David Adams who also qualified for the 50 pair final next month. read more...
    Monday, 14 March 2022 by Barrie Partridge
  • Sheffield A win Yorkshire League

    Our Sheffield A Team have again won the Yorkshire League, winning all six of their matches, and thus qualify to represent Yorkshire for the Garden Cities Trophy. Our C Team had their last match delayed, but should finish in the top half of Division 2, and our F Team have finished mid-table in Division 3 of the five divisions. Full League tables at read more...
    Sunday, 06 March 2022 by Barrie Partridge
  • Team Davies wins Waddington League mini-season!

    The Waddington League has made a welcome comeback after the pandemic, albeit rather subdued with just four teams, but this has made for a good end of season mini-league. Sandy Davies, Mike Pomfrey, Arthur Hughes, Tom Gisborne and David fletcher won all three of their matches and emerged victorious! The results and league table can be found by clicking the link below. You can click on the scores and team names to find team line-ups. read more...
    Sunday, 20 February 2022 by Barrie Partridge
  • Real Bridge sessions underway

    Our first duplicate session on Real Bridge took place on Friday 18 February. There were 6 tables and inaugural winners were Ian and Julie Grant on 67%. Details for joining in are currently on the home page. read more...
    Sunday, 20 February 2022 by Barrie Partridge
  • Yorkshire Pairs

    Congratulations to Sandy Davies and Tom Gisborne on winning the Yorkshire Pairs today with 58.75% over two sessions. 19 pairs competed. The top five qualify to represent Yorkshire in the Corwen. read more...
    Sunday, 23 January 2022 by Barrie Partridge
  • New Year Swiss Pairs

    Congratulations to Mike Pomfrey and Arthur Hughes on winning the New Year Swiss Pairs on 3 January after taking the lead from Sandy Davies and Bazil Caygill on the very last board. 12 Pairs played read more...
    Friday, 07 January 2022 by Barrie Partridge
  • Rodger Mixed Pivot Teams

    Congratulations to Pat Powell, Pete Waterman, Richard Pike and Mike Pomfrey on winning the Rodger Mixed Pivot Teams with +57 IMPs. 5 teams competed. This was the first club trophy competition to be held in nearly two years! (The results are now posted on this site but the pair line-ups for Boards 11-30 do not reflect the pivots. Only the North player on each traveller will be absolutely correct. This was the first club event to be scored with EBU Teams Scorer and while it can include the details... read more...
    Wednesday, 22 December 2021 by Barrie Partridge
  • WBU Llangollen Teams

    Another success in the same week for Dave Robinson and Tony Sowter as they won the two day Llangollen Teams event with team mates, Trevor Ward and Rob Cliffe. Well done! Our team finished just 2 VP ahead of two teams sharing second place. read more...
    Sunday, 12 December 2021 by Barrie Partridge
  • EBU Seniors Congress

    Dave Robinson and Tony Sowter won the Swiss Teams in the EBU Seniors Congress today with 108 VPs, 21 VPs ahead of second place. They had two pairs of team mates. In the Pairs event, Rod Hose and David Adams finished 6th in the final yesterday having qualified for the final the day before. The congress was held on RealBridge. Congratulations to all! read more...
    Thursday, 09 December 2021 by Barrie Partridge
  • 4th Swiss Pairs in BCL - Final Rankings

    Richard Gilbert and David Ritchie have won the fourth series of Swiss Pairs to be held in BCL, and run by Ian Grant. This was the second series to be semi-handicapped. Here is the final ranking list after Match 6 (of 6): Rank Pair Num Alias Alias Total M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 1 12 RichardG30234 DavidR45402 84 10 (v1) 13 (v7) 17 (v5) 15 (v3) 19 (v13) 10 (v4) 2 11 Marty42 JudyJJ 79 13 (v13) 14 (v1) 10 (v10) 10 (v4) 14 (v3) 18 (v9) 3 3 FionaD36323 Splinterz 75 14 (v4) 16 (v9) 15 (v2) 5 (v12) 6 (v11) 19 (v7) 3 4 TomGN84148 SandyD74424 75 6 (v3) 12 (v13) 17 (v6) 10 (v11) 20 (v2) 10 (v12) 5 10 MargaretJ50053 BrunoB45732 73 16 (v6) 8 (v2) 10 (v11) 4 (v13) 16 (v5) 19 (v8) 6 9 Karenmcd Andymcd 65 13 (v5) 4 (v3) 10 (v7) 19 (v14) 17 (v6) 2 (v11) 7 2 WendyP37846 RonaldM44833 62 15 (v8) 12 (v10) 5 (v3) 14 (v7) 0 (v4) 16 (v13) 8 6 SteveM WMilligan80703 58 4 (v10) 17 (v8) 3 (v4) 17 (v5) 3 (v9) 14 (v14) 9 13 HarryKane PhilD64749 56 7 (v11) 8 (v4) 20 (v1) 16 (v10) 1 (v12) 4 (v2) 10 1 AnneC SandraMo 51 10 (v12) 6 (v11) 0 (v13) 7 (v8) 11 (v14) 17 (v5) 11 14 Patchall macco 43 10 (v7) 5 (v5) 12 (v8) 1 (v9) 9 (v1) 6 (v6) 12 7 RussD45644 ASimonW 42 10 (v14) 7 (v12) 10 (v9) 6 (v2) 8 (v8) 1 (v3) 12 8 JoanW VariA42755 42 5 (v2) 3 (v6) 8 (v14) 13 (v1) 12 (v7) 1 (v10) 14 5 gillformtheboro Webbysheff 35 7 (v9) 15 (v14) 3 (v12) 3 (v6) 4 (v10) 3 (v1) Here... read more...
    Wednesday, 29 September 2021 by Barrie Partridge
  • Ken Newton

    We have received the sad news that Ken Newton passed away two days ago. No further details are known at the present time. read more...
    Wednesday, 22 September 2021 by Barrie Partridge
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