The Club operates a Standby System which helps to welcome visitors and new members to the Club. Where possible, a Club member attends each session as a volunteer so that anyone, club member or visitor, may come without a partner and be guaranteed a game.

The stand-by rota is managed on-line. If you would like to offer your services for stand-by (or cancel an existing offer) then please submit your details:

Personal Details

To continue; please enter forename and surname, and a valid email address. Check the box if you wish to receive confirmation emails. (If you don't check this box then we will only contact you if there is a problem. Either way, we won't share your email or use it for anything else.)

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Stand-by List

Monday 13th November Afternoon  
Tuesday 14th November Evening  
Wednesday 15th November Afternoon Janet Thomson
Thursday 16th November Afternoon Mike Higginbottom
Evening Pat Powell
Friday 17th November Afternoon  
Saturday 18th November Evening Peter Flavell
Monday 20th November Afternoon Russ de Haney
Tuesday 21st November Evening Gill Woodcock
Wednesday 22nd November Afternoon Peter Flavell
Thursday 23rd November Afternoon Mike Higginbottom
Evening Gill Woodcock
Friday 24th November Afternoon  
Saturday 25th November Evening Peter Flavell
Monday 27th November Afternoon  
Tuesday 28th November Evening  
Wednesday 29th November Afternoon Peter Flavell
Thursday 30th November Afternoon Mike Higginbottom
Evening John Edwards
Friday 1st December Afternoon  
Saturday 2nd December Evening  
Monday 4th December Afternoon  
Tuesday 5th December Evening  
Wednesday 6th December Afternoon Peter Flavell
Thursday 7th December Afternoon  
Friday 8th December Afternoon  
Saturday 9th December Evening  
Monday 11th December Afternoon Janet Whiteley
Tuesday 12th December Evening  
Wednesday 13th December Afternoon  
Thursday 14th December Afternoon  
Friday 15th December Afternoon  
Saturday 16th December Evening  
Monday 18th December Afternoon  
Tuesday 19th December Evening  
Wednesday 20th December Afternoon  
Thursday 21st December Afternoon  
Friday 22nd December Afternoon  
Saturday 23rd December Evening  
Monday 25th December Afternoon == Closed ==
Tuesday 26th December Evening == Closed ==
Wednesday 27th December Afternoon  
Thursday 28th December Afternoon  
Friday 29th December Afternoon  
Saturday 30th December Evening  
Monday 1st January Afternoon == New Year Swiss Pairs ==
Tuesday 2nd January Evening  
Wednesday 3rd January Afternoon  
Thursday 4th January Afternoon  
Friday 5th January Afternoon  
Saturday 6th January Evening  
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Finding a Partner

Pianola offers its own online partner-finding service, with facility to advertise for a partner or see who is seeking a partner for any particular session.

Log in to your Pianola account and head to the Partner Finder page here.



Alternatively, we also offer a Partnership Desk Service.

If you would like help to find a partner in advance, please contact:

  • Mary Whyms [tel:01142 368628] for Tuesday & Thursday Evenings 
  • Sue Wormald [tel: 0114 2680487] or 
  • Gill Woodcock [tel 0114 2305257] for other weekday evenings and Monday Afternoons or 
  • Peter Flavell [tel 0114 2425726] for Wednesday afternoons, Thursday afternoons or Saturday evenings

Mentors can also be found for improvers. Please contact Ann Wall [tel: 0114 2347863] for more information.



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