Yorkshire League Match 5 - 26 January

Wednesday, 22 January 2020 by Barrie Partridge

A – Away v York A

  • David Waxman and Richard Pike
  • Mike Pomfrey and Arthur Hughes
  • Martin White and Pete Waterman
  • David Banks and Tom Gisborne

B – Away v Wakefield A

  • Bazil Caygill and Matthew Kiggins
  • Dave Robinson and Chris Derrick
  • David Fletcher and Keith Cornish
  • Mary Whyms and John Edwards

C – Home v Ilkley B

  • Glyn Foley and Peter Camm
  • Ann Wall and Toby Wall
  • Steve Willis and Mick Lindley
  • Simon Woolham and Robert Woolham

D – Away v Doncaster B

  • Richard Gilbert and Robin Warner
  • Dave Duckworth and Bill Barraclough
  • Morag Laycock  and Pat Powell
  • Steve Mulligan and Rhys Munden

E – Away v Wensleydale

  • Gill Woodcock and Judy Jackson
  • Mike Ruck and David Price
  • Lol Hinchcliffe and Mary Hinchcliffe
  • Graham White and Mary Cousins

F – Home v Keighley C

  • Peter Stubbs and Colin Penn
  • Billy and Anne Furie
  • Monika Cooper and Russ De Haney
  • Dave Buckle and David Narcross

G – Home v Huddersfield D

  • Mick Warwick and Fiona Drew
  • Joan Wragg and Vari Ainsworth
  • Maire Reilly and Jan Coutts
  • Jane Walker and Viv Keel

Reserves – Don Atkinson, Rosemary Woolham and Rita Duce