EBU Spring Foursomes - SBC pair reach final

Tuesday, 04 May 2021 by Barrie Partridge

Huge congratulations to Dave Robinson and Tony Sowter on reaching the final of the EBU Spring Foursomes earlier today.

The Spring Foursomes is one of the two most prestigious events in the national calendar and now attracts many European International players, and especially this year as the event has been held online with no travelling to England being needed.

Dave's team (seeded 21) started inauspiciously by losing their first life in Rounds 1 and 2, but this is the World's only Double Elimination Knock-Out Teams event, so they were still in it but needing to win every match from Round 3.

In Round 3, they beat, by 42 IMPs, the No 12 seeds that included the Hackett twins and Alex Hydes, currently ranked No 1 in the NGS and who played at Sheffield BC as a little boy with his father.

In Round 4, they beat, by 15 IMPs, an all German team, seeded 19th. Each round was 32 boards and they were playing two rounds each day.

In Round 5, they beat, by 28 IMPs, the No 11 seeds, a team of England Internationals.

In Round 6, they beat, by 10 IMPs, the No 9 seeds, a team from Italy, Sweeden, Portugal and the USA!

In Round 7, the Quarter Final, they beat, by 31 IMPs, the No 1 seeds, a team from France, Sweeden and England.

In the Semi-Final this morning, they beat, by 26 IMPs, the No 5 seeds, a team from Poland, Isreal and England, to reach the final.

The team they lost to in the final by just 21 MPs was the No 3 seeds, near enough the Norwegian National team.

A huge achievement!

With Dave Robinson and Tony Sowter were a pair from Devon and a Sweedish pair, one of whom lives in England.


Tony won this event 35 years ago, and around that time, Mike Pomfrey, Richard Pike and David Banks also all got their names on the trophy, but back then, it was "just" a National event!