EBU Lockdown League - Polka Tulk win Div 1!

Sunday, 16 May 2021 by Barrie Partridge

Bazil Caygill with Matthew Kiggins and Dominic Rayner have become National Champions as half of the Sheffield-based Polka Tulk Blues Band team that has won Division 1 of the EBU Lockdown League. They finished more than 12 Vps ahead of the second placed team. Around 126 teams played in the Season 10, just finished

The other half of the team is based in Germany and includes former SBC member, Martin Cantor.


Meanwhile the other two Sheffield-based teams also won promotion, with The Dylan Boys (with Dave Robinson, Tony Sowter, Sandy Davies and Tom Gisborne) winning Division 5. The other team, the Isochromes, was a new team the previous season and has gained promotion both seasons.