New online discussion forum created

Saturday, 21 March 2020 by Bazil Caygill

In these difficult times, we all need a way of keeping in touch with each other.


Just need a bit of a chat?

Need a helping hand with errannds or deliveries and don't know who to ask?

Looking for some hlelp and guidance on how to play bridge online?

Looking for a partner for a game (or a bunch of people for a match) online?

That interesting hand from two weeks ago still bugging you and you want to talk about it?


Fear not, help is at hand, the new SBC online forum is here!

Go to to see them.

You'll need to create an account to post messages or create any new threads, but then you'll be good to go.


Create new threads & topics. Go really off-topic if you want.

Write something pithy or be verbose.

Write something deep or something inconsequential.

Or just write and tell us how you're doing. 


But stay in touch because your (bridge) family loves you and misses you!