Ladder competitions

Friday, 02 August 2019 by Bazil Caygill

The bridge year runs from August to July, so all of the 2018-2019 ladder competetions have been completed.

And the winners are...

Allen (Monday afternoons) Arthur Hughes
Patterson (Tuesday evenings) Bazil Caygill
Barber (Wednesday afternoons) Ray Everitt
Paton (Wednesday evenings) Arthur Hughes
Rankin (Thursday afternoons) Mick Lindley
Chamberlain (Thursday evenings) Sandy Davies
Frith (Friday evenings) Margaret Johnson
Jepson (Wednesday evenings - non-expert) Rita Duce
Sutton (Friday evenings - non-expert) Ruth Kerr


Congratulations to all winners; especially to Arthur for his two (and almost three) wins, and to Mick & Sandy for successful back-to-back campaigns having also won in 2017-18.



The Lee Trophy (Saturday evenings) was not awarded as there were insufficient results.