If you think some people at SBC are slow players...

Saturday, 27 July 2019 by Bazil Caygill

... and by "some people", I mean "me and my partner"; take a leisurely stroll through this video of a very recent session from the American Summer Nationals (aka the Spingold).

The first two boards of the session race through in only twenty-three minutes. then comes board 3:

  • The bidding takes ten & a half minutes
  • Tricks 1 & 2 are a flurry in only two and a bit minutes
  • Then East has a bit of a think, for eight minutes, before trick 3 is done.
  • Not to be outdone, North takes eleven minutes - including a loo-break - before we get though trick 4.
  • There's another flury of 2 tricks.
  • Then tricks 7 & 8 take almost six minutes before, thankfully, the hand quickly gets wrapped up.

The director politely points out that they've now taken over an hour to play three boards.

This is the semi-final of one of the very top open teams' events in the world and they're not playing for buttons, but all the same... all I can say is that this sort of thing would never happen if Judy was directing.