LCBA Swiss Pairs

Sunday, 18 June 2017 by the News Fairy

On a sweltering hot day in Derbyshire, Matthew Kiggins and Bazil Caygill came second in Leicestershire's Green-pointed Swiss Pairs event. Roman Gembicki and his son Jakub came third. Results* are here.

The next Green-pointed events at Spondon are:

  • Saturday 22nd July - Swiss Pairs (Nottinghamshire CBA)
  • Sunday 23rd July - Swiss Teams (Nottinghamshire CBA)
  • Saturday 23rd September - Swiss Pairs (Derbyshire CBA)
  • Sunday 24th September - Swiss Teams (Derbyshire CBA)

 See NCBA and DCBA websites for details.


(* but, curiously, not the hand records. Thanks for nothing Bridgewebs.)