Nancy Campfield Swiss Teams

Tuesday, 30 May 2017 by Barrie Partridge

Sandy Davies, Dave Robinson, Pete Waterman and Richard Pike won the Nancy Campfield Swiss Teams, just 1 VP ahead of Dawn and Dominic Rayner, Chris Derrick and Keith Cornish.

Results here.

Prizes go to the winning team and the two top teams after handicapping according to the NGS, with Joan and Jeff Wragg, Margaret Johnson and Monika Cooper winning and Simon, Rob and Rosemary Woolham and June Dyal in second place. Simon and Rob had the highest Cross IMPs as a pair, and if you click "Pair rankings" you can see a full partnership Cross-IMP ranking.

This was the first time this event has been scored by bridge-mates and computer scoring. My huge thanks to Rob Turner for co-running the event with me, especially as an extra team at the last minute caused a "triple" as we had an odd number.

Huge thanks also to Ann and Ian Cockerill for a superb Tea.