Annual General Meeting 2018

Exciting documents for the AGM:

Everyone must read it. There will be a test, and punishments meted out to those who disappoint the committee.


Message from the Chairman

A Happy New Year to you all – May your grade never diminish!


Chairs: At long last the old chairs which have served us well “since Adam was a lad” have been replaced. It is hoped that you find the new chairs comfortable. They are, of course, a little firmer than the old ones which have been softened by many years of use. Hopefully you will agree that they are a stylish replacement for the old ones - at least, as stylish as one can get in this field.

On a personal note I would like to thank the following club members who turned out at very short notice to help take delivery and install them – Peter Camm, Ian Cockerill, Russ de Haney, Lol Hinchcliffe, Andy MacDonald, Toby Wall and Graham White. 

Sixty of the old chairs have found a new home at Sheffield Tigers RUFC and the rest will eventually be finding their way to Essay maternity hospital in The Gambia via a charity called Glove. Helen Fraser is to be thanked for providing this contact.


Side Tables: These have also been around for a long time and work is in hand to identify appropriate replacements.


Tardis Committee: This, interestingly named, subcommittee has been charged with improving facilities in the club for the playing and teaching of bridge. The first subcommittee meeting identified the improvement of access to the first floor playing area as a priority. They are investigating the provision of a lift to enable those members with limited movement to access this area. This will enable more sessions to take place upstairs which will free up the ground floor for coexisting teaching sessions. 

The proposed lift will be a platform lift (1400 x 1100mm in accordance with building regulations) and capable of taking a wheelchair. It will not be the sort you might use in your favourite department store. Five companies have been contacted and representatives have been seen from three of them. This identified a shortlist of two. Further investigation will be be needed to see if the ground floor will need extra support to accommodate the lift.

It is envisaged that the lift will be sited where table 1 is currently placed both upstairs and downstairs. There will be no loss of playing facilities as both the affected tables can be relocated without difficulty.

Further work will be necessary to install a disabled WC in place of the existing ladies WC upstairs. The opportunity will be taken at this time to upgrade the men’s WC to provide two enclosed cubicles each with their own washing facilities. It will also be necessary to widen the door into the playing area to facilitate disabled access.

More detailed work will be undertaken in the forthcoming weeks to finalise proposals and enable an accurate estimate of costs with a view to holding an EGM in April to present plans to club members and seek approval, in accordance with the motion carried at the AGM in 2015. If all goes according to plan this could see installation in mid to late summer.

The committee would like to invite comments from members particularly those who might benefit from the facility.


Heating: Members will have noticed the installation of a new radiator in the lounge. “Warm” thanks to Martyn James for installing this.

Occasionally members find themselves too warm and take it upon themselves to turn a radiator off. If you do so please remember to turn it back on at the end of the session so that the room heats up as quickly as possible when next required.


Homeless & Rootless at Christmas: £200 was raised for this charity via the Club Christmas card and thanks go to Sue Wormald with her artistic talent for providing the card and Margaret Johnson for organising the collection.


Supervised Play: A request from two of our less experienced members prompted a discussion at the last committee meeting about the provision of a supervised bridge session with advice available on request.

It was agreed to run a trial/taster session on Friday, 15th February from 1:30 to 4:30pm under the auspices of Ian and Julie Grant with further sessions on a monthly basis if this was successful. The session would be most suitable for those who have just finished lessons and those with a NGS grade up to about 6/7 seeking to improve their standard. 

Scoring would be as for a normal duplicate session over 18 to 20 boards but with advice available “at the drop of a hat” during both bidding and play of a board. As this will be, essentially, a teaching session there will be no master points awarded for these sessions and no impact on NGS grades. 

The intention is to make this an informative, friendly and sociable session. The cost will be £5.00 per session.

The committee and teachers would like an indication of the numbers likely to be interested. If you are interested in attending the trial session please put your name on the sign-up list on the main noticeboard or email or if you are interested but unable to attend the first session. 


Catering: A subcommittee has been established headed up by Zoe Hewertson to identify and confirm  requirements, both now and in the future, and how they will be supplied once Ann Cockerill retires later this year. If any member is interested in providing a catering service for Yorkshire League matches and other club events or has any comment or suggestions to make please let Zoe or any committee member know. Emails may be sent via


Membership: This month we extend a warm welcome to a new member; the renowned author and former England international Tony Sowter, and hope he enjoys playing bridge at the club.

We have just received the sad news that Jacqui Anderton died recently. Jacqui played regularly for many years until her deteriorating eye sight became too troublesome. We extend our sympathy to her family.


A little consideration: Comment has been received about the level of noise occasioned when scoring up during the recent Yorkshire League matches in January. This was a particularly busy day with five matches going on at the same time which made things a little more awkward. It’s fairly obvious that teams will finish rounds, score up and take tea at slightly different times so please have regard for those teams still playing, trying to concentrate and do their best for the club, by talking quietly and perhaps waiting to discuss boards until everyone is taking tea.


Keep the Club tidy: Please help by taking your cups, glasses etc to the kitchen, putting empty cans, sweet papers, unwanted scorecards the appropriate refuse bin. The cleaners are employed to clean the building … not to clear up after us!


Cashier required: A cashier is required for every third and fifth Wednesday evening of each month. The job is not difficult and full training will be provided. It need hardly be pointed out that without volunteers to do the necessary jobs it would not be possible to run the club. All that is being asked for is for someone to come in a little earlier than they would otherwise do just once a month. It would be nice to see some new faces at the reception desk.If anyone is prepared to volunteer for any of these dates please contact Monika Cooper directly or via


Bridge Results:

  • The Rodger Mixed Pivot Teams in December ended in a tie this year with the teams of Rob Turner, Mary Whyms, John Edwards, Rod Hose and Judy Jackson, Sue Lloyd, Richard Gilbert, Barrie Partridge evenly matched.
  • The New Year’s Day Pairs was won by Pete Waterman and Martin White who won every match..
  • Bob Brown (partnered by Richard Draycott) comfortably won the Yorkshire Pairs at Bradford Bridge Club.
  • In the Lady Milne Pre-Trials Sandy Davies (partnered by Carole Kelly) was successful in qualifying for the next stage of the Trials to determine England’s team for this year’s home international event for the Lady Milne Trophy.
  • Congratulations to all these members and good luck to Sandy in the Lady Milne Trials.

In the Yorkshire League the news is not so good with only two of the eight Sheffield teams in the top half of their divisions. The “A” team are 2nd in Division 1 and the “H” team 4th in Division 9. Come on Sheffield!


Diary Dates The Laura Hadfield Teams will take place on Tuesday, 29th January (there is a sign-up list on the noticeboard), Thursday, 21st February is the date of the next Yorkshire Simultaneous Pairs and the W.E. Dornan Mixed Pairs will be on Thursday, 7th March.


Simon Woolham, SBC Chair. January 2019

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“Splinter Bid — the only known way to become declarer with a singleton trump in each hand.”




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