Annual General Meeting 2018

Exciting documents for the AGM:

Everyone must read it. There will be a test, and punishments meted out to those who disappoint the committee.


Message from the Chairman

Your Committee Members this year are:-

Simon Woolham - Chairman, Dominic Rayner - Vice Chairman, Clare Vielle – Secretary, Glyn Foley – Treasurer, Barrie Partridge – Chief Tournament Director, Martyn James – House Manager, Peter Camm – Membership Secretary, Margaret Johnson, Zoe Hewertson, Pete Waterman, Ian Grant and Ann Cockerill

This is your Club. The role of the Club Committee is to serve the Club in the best way that they can and to do what the members (collectively rather than individually) would like them to do. To that end members are invited to make comments and suggestions freely to any member of the committee either by word of mouth, email, letter or even anonymous note in the Chairman’s post box. We can’t promise to act on everything but all suggestions, comments etc will be considered by the committee. This is your club.

The Standby System. Following on from the discussion at the AGM the committee has reviewed the standby system. There are many people in the Club who carry out duties for the benefit of everyone - cashiers arriving early to open the club, duplimators who come to the club especially to produce boards for bridge sessions, scorers, tournament directors and others who help to clear up at the end of a session. Some of these receive acknowledgment of their efforts with one free game while others receive nothing. It was therefore considered that standbys who receive two free games were receiving adequate recompense for the service they provided. (For the avoidance of doubt it should be noted that if the standby plays then one of their free tokens is used to pay for that game). The committee considered that increasing the payment to four free games was inappropriate. Reported comment about the procedure adopted by other clubs where only one free game is given supported this view.

The committee records its thanks to Bazil Caygill who has been monitoring the system for the last fourteen months and provided a report which showed that of the Monday afternoon, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening sessions a standby was available for more than half the time and was used on about half of those occasions. For the Wednesday, Thursday afternoon sessions and Saturday evening session Peter Flavell usually provided the standby (as well as directing and scoring!). His contribution to the success of these sessions is greatly appreciated.

It is notable that of a membership of just over 300 only 67 people actually volunteered to do a standby during this period. If the standby system is to work it will need more volunteers than this. Please think about the benefit to yourself of having a standby available and volunteer yourself to provide the same benefit to others.

Members’ attention is drawn to the facility to have a game excluded from their NGS calculation. If you wish to avail yourself of this please contact the Chief Tournament Director at least a day or two before the session.

Christmas week. This will start on Monday, 17th December with the Rodger Mixed Pivot Teams. Sherry and Mince Pies will be available at each session during the week. A Club Christmas card, featuring a painting by our very own Sue Wormald, will be available for all members to sign and donations (in lieu of sending Christmas cards to each other) are requested as usual in support of the charity “Homeless and Rootless at Christmas.”

Please note that there will be no bridge session on Monday afternoon, 24th December and the Club will be closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The session on Monday afternoon, 31st December will go ahead as usual.

New Year’s Day Swiss Pairs. This will start at 6:30pm on Tuesday, 1st January. Please note the different starting time to usual.

Best Behaviour at Bridge. There have been a couple of incidents recently where the Club (and EBU) Policy of “Best Behaviour at Bridge” has not been followed as well as it might have been. The Policy is available at the Club (on the committee noticeboard) and also on the website should you wish to remind yourself of its content. Attention is particularly drawn to the following part of the policy:-

  • “Annoying behaviour, embarrassing remarks, or any other conduct which might interfere with the enjoyment of the game is specifically prohibited by Law 74A. Law 91A gives the director the authority to assess disciplinary penalties.”

The Children’s Club. This is now up and running again with Graham Jepson in charge assisted by Pete Waterman, Sandy Davies, Ann Cockerill and Andy MacDonald. The Club is open to children from the age of eight and runs from 4.00pm to 6.00pm every Friday afternoon. Have you any grandchildren who might be interested? If anyone wants to arrange for a child to attend or wish to volunteer their assistance please contact Graham via

A Safeguarding Policy has now been drawn up and is available both on the committee noticeboard and on the club’s website. Thanks go to Anne Camm for producing this document and also for agreeing to be the Club’s Safeguarding Officer.

Ton Up. Congratulations to Arthur Hughes and Sandy Davies for their magnificent winning score of 101.81imps on Tuesday, 13th November. Arthur said they didn’t partner each other that often! “Thank goodness” say the rest of us!

Membership. The new membership handbook is now available for all members. For GDPR reasons the issuing of these needs to be recorded so they will be available on request from the reception desk where a volunteer will be available (in addition to the cashier) to hand them out and record delivery.

New Members. We extend a warm welcome to Dave Masters, Samuel Canham, and Malcolm Burns who have all recently joined the club and also to returning members Penny Sequerra, Clare Finka and Simon Rush. We look forward to meeting them and hope they enjoy their bridge with us.

1st Aid. Sue Wormald, Mary Whyms, Martyn James and Judy Jackson have just completed a 1st Aid Refresher Course. In addition Peter Riggall is also a qualified 1st Aider. It is to be hoped that no one requires their services!

Seating. New chairs are on order and should be delivered early in the new year. We don’t have a delivery date as yet but would like to seek support from able-bodied members to assist in moving the old chairs and installing the new ones. If you might be able to help please respond to or let a committee member know. No commitment, obviously, at this time merely an offer of assistance “in principle” to help create a list of helpers to be contacted when the delivery date is known.

Catering. Ann Cockerill has been keeping members of the Club extremely well fed for very many years. Sadly all good things come to an end. Ann has expressed a desire to retire when her time on the committee finishes in October next year. The committee will be forming a sub-committee next year to review our catering arrangements for Yorkshire League matches and other Club events. If you know of anyone who might like to take this on or have any suggestions or other contribution to make please let a member of the committee know.

Property. A sub-committee is being formed to consider the the internal structure of the building with regard to its “fitness for purpose”. Consideration will be given, for example but not exclusively, to the adequacy of the playing facilities, provision of teaching areas and disabled access to the first floor. If you have any comments, suggestions or offers of specialist help please let us know. Further communications will follow as matters progress with approval for any major capital expenditure being sought via an EGM or AGM in accordance with the resolution passed at the 2015 AGM.

Heating. One Monday evening recently it was found that the heating control upstairs had been moved to a “manual” setting. Members are asked to not change the heating controls other than in accordance with the instructions on each programmer – if more heat is required press the upward pointing arrow (on the right of the display screen) and the downward arrow for less heat. Please do not change any other control.

Advertising. Following a recent request please note that, while the Club does not have a written policy relating to advertising within the Club the committee’s view is that bridge related posters and posters advertising charitable events, which are time limited, are acceptable but more general display materials are not due to the number that the Club could, potentially, be asked to display.


Festive greetings to all and very best wishes for the New Year,

Simon Woolham, November 2018

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