Annual General Meeting

Documentation for future EGMs and AGMs will appear here prior to such events.


Message from the Chairman

The committee believes that in order to comply with the provisions of the GDPR it must discontinue the publication of any identifiable personal details of any club member. Thus this article is subject to redaction.The full and unexpurgated version will continue to be circulated by email with a few printed copies available at the club for the benefit of those without email.



Tardis Committee

The EGM on 29th April was attended by 49 members with apologies being received from a further 43 members. The minutes will be available on the Club noticeboard shortly.

  • Motion 1 relating to the installation of a lift was passed unanimously and work will now continue to put this resolution into effect.
  • Motion 2 initiated a lively discussion with various areas of concern being raised. Those of you present will recall that the motion was stated at the time as "not carried" however it transpires that the tellers were wrong to include abstentions in the calculation and thus the motion was actually carried with a 69% majority. Nevertheless, in the light of the concerns raised this proposal will now be reconsidered by the Tardis committee to try and find an improved solution.
  • Motion 3 relating to the refurbishment of the gents’ WC was carried almost unanimously.

The next stage is to obtain building regulations approval and some further quotations for the work to try and improve on the current anticipated spend.


This month we welcome returning member – XXXXXX XXXXXX and new member XXXXXX XXXXXX. We hope you enjoy playing bridge with us and look forward to meeting you..

Past members

We are sorry to report the deaths of past members XXXXXX XXXXXX and XXXXXX XXXXXX and extend our sympathy to their families

Children’s Club

XXXXXX XXXXXX reports that four children recently took part in their first Minibridge Simultaneous Pairs over 12 boards. Two of the children – XXXXXXX and XXXXX - did particularly well scoring 69% which put them in 13th position in a field of 80 from 12 clubs.

The Club runs from 4:00pm to 6:00pm every Friday and new members will be very welcome.

Open and Waddington Leagues

All matches are now completed in the local leagues programme.

Congratulations to all winners and especially to XXXXXX XXXXXX who, for the second time in three years, has been on undefeated teams in both leagues.

Winners are...


  • Division 1 XXXXXX
  • Division 2 XXXXXXX
  • Division 3 XXXX



Individual success

In the Easter Swiss Pairs XXXXXX XXXXXX and XXXXXX XXXXXX won the Gold Trophy, and the Silver has been shared between XXXXXX XXXXXX and XXXXXX XXXXXX and XXXXXX XXXXXX and XXXXXX XXXXXX. Consequently the Bronze has not been awarded. Well done to all these members.

MacMillan Charity Teams

Although not a club event the Macmillan Charity Teams event is an annual event supported by many club members. The event, held as usual at the Kingfield Hall, on 28th April was enjoyed by seventeen teams of four and raised more than £2,000 which will be split between Macmillan Cancer Support and Weston Park Cancer Research.

Forthcoming events

  • The Flo Dornan Swiss Pairs will now take place on Spring Bank Holiday Monday, 27th May starting at 1:00pm when there will be five matches of six boards each to be played.
  • Wednesday evening 15th May is the date for the EBED Spring Pairs Sims.
  • The summer season of Pro-Ams will start on Tuesday, 4th June from 1:00pm to around 3:30pm and is expected to continue on the 1st Tuesday of each month. This is a trial for this year to avoid clashing with Monday evening teaching sessions. In order for this to be of benefit to new and inexperienced players and to build their confidence the ‘Pro’ is asked to play the the system that the ‘Am’ has been taught and is used to playing and to only give advice when requested. It is counterproductive to start teaching them something new because it happens to be the system the ‘Pro’ prefers. The most important thing is that the ‘Am’ enjoys the experience not necessarily to improve their bridge. Please come along and encourage these players – they are the lifeblood of the Club.

Bridge Masters

If you are looking to improve your declarer play, XXXXXX XXXXXX suggests that one of the better options available is Bridge Masters, a wonderful piece of software that affords you the opportunity to test yourself against hundreds of problems at five different levels.

Every one of the constructed deals illustrates a technical point. Taking the correct line will lead to your making the contract, but if you make a mistake the program will exploit your error and ensure the contract fails. At the end of each deal you can read an explanation that explains the correct line and the thought process behind it. The program is available free of charge from

I have tried this program myself and it is very educational and thought provoking, mostly great fun but occasionally frustrating.

General Data Protection Regulations

In order to comply with the provisions of the GDPR a decision has been made to discontinue the publication of the minutes of committee meetings and of this epistle on the website. The minutes of each committee meeting will be posted on the club notice board until replaced by those of the next meeting. This missive will continue to be circulated by email with a few printed copies available at the club for the benefit of those without email.


Would members kindly note that the noticeboards are there for the display of club notices and items of interest to members which should normally be bridge related. If you wish to post anything on the noticeboard please seek the approval of a committee member before doing so. Funeral notices and service sheets relating to past members are, of course, completely acceptable and do not require further permission. Similarly notices seeking the whereabouts of lost property do not require approval.

Social Events Committee

The committee would like to establish a committee drawn from members of the club who are not committee members to consider ideas both old and new for social events. A separate letter will follow by email with further details


Finally – it is very frustrating when one is trying to get in touch with someone at the club to hear the telephone ringing until the recorded message kicks in. If you hear it ringing please answer and take a message. If necessary pass this to the TD for onward direction. It just might be important.

However, like most people, we don’t want a new gas or electricity supplier, solar power or wind turbines. Neither have we been mis-sold insurance!


Best wishes,


XXXXXX XXXXXX - Chairman. May 2019


Chairman's previous messages

These documents have been removed due to the commitee's extreme interpretation of GDPR legistation.


GDPR is however EU legislation.

So you can probably look forward to all these documents returning on Halloween...

EGM Minutes, AGM Minutes, Committee Meetings' Minutes

These documents have been removed due to the commitee's extreme interpretation of GDPR legistation.

Physical copies of AGM, EGM and committee meeting minutes can be found on the notice board at Sheffield Bridge Club.


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