Programme of Events


Programme of events for the coming year is downloadable here.


Please note that due to Covid-19, all sessions and events are cancelled until further notice. 

Regular Sessions

As well as a packed calendar of lessons and "supervised play" sessions - see the Learners & Improvers page for details - the club has a number of regular duplicate bridge sessions for a wide range of standards of play. Unless stated, matchpoint scoring is used and any standard of players are welcome to attend.

  • Monday, 1pm.
  • Tuesday, 7.10pm. Scoring is by cross-IMPs.
  • Wednesday, 1:30pm.
  • Wednesday, 7.10pm.
  • Thursday, 1pm.
  • Thursday, 7.10pm.Thursday, 7.00pm. 
  • Friday, 7.10pm.

The cost for all sessions is £3 per person.

Note: Sessions in purple are more suitable for confident players.

Sessions in blue are relaxed duplicate sessions, ideal for players new to club bridge and those wishing to graduate from lessons to independent play. All are welcome.

Note that Thursday evenings have two parallel duplicate sessions; one for more experienced players and another targeted at less experienced players.

Club Calendar


  • Regular weekly events shown in blue.
  • Special events shown in brown.
  • Local League Events shown in tan.
  • YCBA events (including Yorkshire League matches) shown in grey.
  • Teaching sessions shown in green - please contact the teacher for more information
  • External Bookings shown in lilac - please contact the organiser for more information.

Use the navigation tools to find the date then click an event for more information.


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